About Skype email “your existing subscription World 60 mins mobiles and landlines – 1 month with Office 365* has expired.”

Skype has an email bug that shows no sign of going away.  Office 365 customers may wrongly get an expiration email saying “your existing subscription World 60 mins mobiles and landlines – 1 month with Office 365* has expired.”.

Office 365 Personal, Home & University include an hour each month of Skype calls to landline and mobiles across the globe (there are limitations, not all countries and not always mobiles). A handy extra. Travelers can use the allowance to call home for free. Homebodies can make the occasional overseas call with the free Skype minutes.

It’s very strange to get an ‘expiry’ notice from Skype, especially when the Office 365 subscription has many months to run.

Our first thought was a scam email, only pretending to come from Skype.  But all the links are to skype.com.  We checked online and others have received similar emails for much of 2018.

Some get an expiration message because they’ve used the hour allowance in a particular month.  That doesn’t apply to our bosses account though.

Check your Skype account

Make sure your Skype account has the Office 365 ‘World Minutes’ plan enabled by going to https://secure.skype.com/portal/overview . Login with the same Microsoft account that you use for Office 365.

Look on the left column and there should be a ‘subscription’ for “World 60 mins mobiles and landlines – monthly subscription with Office 365”.

How many minutes left and when does the Skype month end?

Below that on the left column is the total minutes left on the current months allowance.

The ‘month’ is based (presumably) on the date you joined Office 365.  It’s not a calendar month.  Click on the Manage link in the left column to see the full details including ‘renewal’ date.

Go to your Office 365 account to see when the Personal/Home/University plan expires.  You’ll get separate warnings when that become due … remember to save money by NOT renewing direct with Microsoft.

What about the ‘expiry’ email?

Ignore it.  It’s some bug in the Skype system.  As long as you have a current Office 365 subscription and it’s linked to your Skype account (ie the same Microsoft account login) you’re OK.

The only official response we can find is a Microsoft forum from February 2018 saying “The notification you received have been sent in error. If ever your free minutes will expire on your account, you can simply reactivate it. Click here“.

That link is to the general Office 365/Skype help page.  It’s more relevant to check your own account, as we’ve shown above.

You could complain to Skype but life’s too short.  It would be more useful to shout into a black hole.

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