Using Excel to make a better burger

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It’s amazing to see how people use Excel in ways probably not dreamt of by the programs makers.

We usually think of Excel as a financial tool either for businesses or personal budgeting or managing lists.

Anything to do with numbers or lists has a place in Excel, like a guy in Singapore with a successful chain of burger restaurants.

His secret?  Painstaking analysis of burger contents and cooking, tracking all the details in Excel.

Cheng Hsin Yao wanted to make a better burger, so he made 147 of them with different combinations.

All his burger technology experiments were tracked and analyzed in Excel.

“Clearly if you’ve gone that far, you need to apply some statistical analysis to your data to assess which is the best!”

The result is Omakase Burger a well-regarded chain of restaurants in Singapore which has sever over 1.4 million burgers since opening in 2012.


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