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It’s getting closer … shared signatures in Outlook

The promise of shared Outlook signatures is a little closer. Microsoft has announced that signatures in Outlook for Windows will be saved to the cloud from June 2020.

At the moment, customers have to manually copy email signatures between Outlook’s or use a folder sync method to share the signature folders between computers.

Customers have long wanted signatures saved online and shared between Outlook’s, in much the same way that Categories have been for some years.

As we told you last September, there was a vague glimmer of hope from Microsoft when the long-standing request was finally acknowledged. Outlook Signatures to be synced – at last!

Now there’s a timeline in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

“Outlook for Windows: Signature cloud settings

Your Signature settings are stored in the cloud so your experience is consistent when you access Outlook for Windows on any computer.

June 2020 “

In June (or maybe later) Fast Track Insiders will see their email signatures saved to the cloud and available on other Outlook 365 for Windows.

Sharing between Outlook for Windows installs is relatively simple. After all, frustrated users have been doing it themselves for years.

After that, the same shared signatures should become available in Outlook for Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android.  Though there’s no timeline for that, perhaps because it’ll be a lot more difficult.

Extending shared signatures to other platforms will be ‘interesting’ because signatures are handled differently in other Outlook branded apps.

Signatures for all occasions in Outlook

Export / Import your Outlook Signatures

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