Microsoft Forms are now for everyone

Microsoft Forms is now available for everyone, not just businesses.  It’s available to collect information or opinions for any reason.

One example is party planning, virtual party at the moment.  Ask people for their preferred date, number of people, diet requests etc.  All the info is collected and comes to you in a list or Excel workbook.

Source: Microsoft

Setup your questions at  then send a link to everyone you want to respond.  Forms even has a QR code option … and these days most people are more familiar with QF codes than they were are the start of 2020.


Forms have a few themes – color scheme with background image.

Select one or upload your own background.

Try Forms!

We’ve made a sample Form for you to try.  It has examples of all the question formats available from basic text to NetPromoter Score.

The first two questions are serious. We ask which Office and operating system you use, that helps us make Office Watch better.

Question 3 is a chance for you to suggest topics or questions for Offce Watch to write about.

The rest of the questions are silly, just so you can see the other types of question available.

Go to our Microsoft Form on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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