Outlook for iPad gets split screen support

Outlook for iPad gets split-screen support which goes a small way towards making the much-hyped app an effective tool for email, calendar and contact management.  Sadly, no similar options for other Office Mobile apps.

Source: Microsoft plus a little border cropping …

According to Microsoft …

“ Multi-task like a pro with Outlook, now optimized for Split View on iPad. Open your mail and calendar side by side or drag and drop text into a message with your fingertip! “

That’s all well and good but it’s just a little of what the Office Mobile apps need.

Split Screen support is available from Outlook for iOS version 4.23

However we continue to NOT recommend Outlook Mobile apps due to their security risk.  All email login details are sent and stored by Microsoft with all email, calendar and contact changes going through their servers.

Outlook for iOS and Android both need full multi-window support.  That would let user open separate windows for email accounts, calendar, contacts or whatever they like.  It’s a feature that Outlook for Windows/Mac has but is noticeably lacking in the mobile versions.

The clumsy workaround is to open extra windows in your iPad browser or native Email, Calendar, Contacts apps.

Office Mobile apps

It’s a similar problem with the Office Mobile apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. For example, you can’t open two Word documents at the same time using Word Mobile.

Most likely there’s an iOS system limitation preventing proper multi-window support.

There are workarounds for Word, Excel and PowerPoint that let you open more than one document, sheet or deck at a time.  Open the second file in:

Inside the Office ‘all in one’ app for Apple and Android

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