Two new video meeting options in Teams

Microsoft has added two genuinely new and interesting video meeting options to Teams.  Together mode and Dynamic View plus some useful video filters.

Both are innovative ways to display a large number of people in a virtual meeting.

Having been caught napping by a combination of Coronavirus and Zoom, Microsoft has worked hard to bring the video conferencing / virtual meeting side of Teams up to date.

However, as usual Microsoft is being a bit ‘previous’ with these announcements.  Digging into the fine print, it’s clear these options won’t be available until sometime next month.

All you can do is check the Teams video settings to see if these promises have been fulfilled.

Together Mode

This puts all the meeting participants in an auditorium style view like this:

Source: Microsoft

For smaller meetings there are more intimate options including a library and a café.

Source: Microsoft
Source: Microsoft

It’s a clever reuse of the same video trickery that enables virtual backgrounds.  Instead of putting the head/shoulders of the person into a background, it’s added into the together/audience/classroom view.

Microsoft says Together view is good for situations with multiple speakers and brainstorming sessions.  It seems better suited for classroom or lecture scenarios with one speaker who can ‘look out’ to the audience and gauge their reactions.

Dynamic View

Dynamic View is another way to display people and content during a virtual meeting.

Source: Microsoft

The view of content (like PowerPoint slides) and participants can be automatic (or AI controlled as Microsoft likes to say) or manual.

Also coming in August is Large Gallery View which shows up to 49 people in little thumbnails.

Source: Microsoft

How to Choose

Pull up the settings menu to see what options are available; Gallery (standard), Large Gallery or Together Mode.

Video Filters

Also coming are video filters.  No real detail here except mention of a filter to adjust lighting levels and soften camera focus.

Source: Microsoft

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