A simple way to convert PowerPoint slides to Word document

There’s an easy way to make a Word document version of a PowerPoint presentation and it’s another way to make a handout for your audience.  

It’s a simple step by step process of converting your PowerPoint (.pptx) presentation file into a Word Document (.docx). 

  1. Firstly, you will need to open your PowerPoint Presentation (amazing but true) 
  1. Next, select File | Export 
  1. Select Create Handouts | then the Create Handouts button 
    This section will allow you to put slides and notes into a Word document, as well as edit and format the content within Word.  

If there are any later changes in the presentation, there is a ‘Paste Link’ option for the changes to automatically be made within your converted Word Document.   

  1. Next, a box will appear titled Send to Microsoft Word

Page Layout and blank lines below slides

This option allows the user to write plenty of notes underneath each slide. Alternatively, there are other page layouts to choose from, such as Blank lines next to slides or Notes below slides if you wish to also share the notes on the PowerPoint. 

Paste Link

It’s important to select Paste Link if you want the slides to automatically be updated in the MS Word document as well, otherwise, you can just select Paste if you don’t wish for updates to be carried over.  

  1. Now your Word document has been created. 

Now edit and format the Word document as you wish.  

The document is now easy to email out, and even tablet/laptop users that save the document into a PDF can manually write notes straight on the page.  

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