Add a mini-Outlook in the Edge browser

Microsoft has a new Outlook that appears as a pull-down list in the Edge browser.  A mini-Outlook that shows email, calendar, contacts and To Do without taking up a whole web page.

We’re calling it ‘mini-Outlook’ but Microsoft insists on just calling it ‘Microsoft Outlook’ because apparently there aren’t enough Outlook’s already.

The Edge Extension appears as a blue Outlook button in the browser, click on it to make a small window appear.


The buttons across the top:

Menu – select a mail folder

Filters – Unread, To Me, Flagged, Pinned, @Mentions me


Compose – new email

At the very top left is an ‘Open in full-screen’ button which opens a full browser tab with Outlook Web Access.


The top row buttons:

Menu  – switch between calendars

A monthly calendar display and date selector

Switch between Agenda and Day views

Add an event or workspace booking

People / Contacts

Menu – select contacts list


Add new contact

Click on a contact to see more details.

To Do

The Tasks pull-down list to see My Day, To Do and sub-lists.

How to get the mini-Outlook

Mini-Outlook is currently in public preview.  It works OK though it’s surprisingly sluggish, seemingly not caching data between views.

In the Edge browser go to Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft Edge Addons to install the Edge Extension.

It only works for Microsoft hosted mailboxes on a Microsoft 365 Business/Enterprise/Education plans, or Hotmail. coverage of Windows 11
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