Om or Devanagari Om ॐ symbols in Word and Office

Type the Om or Devanagari Om ॐ symbol in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook.  Both in Office for Windows and Office for Mac. 

The Om  symbol is a divine sign that denotes the essence of absolute truth, Atman or consciousness. In Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. The syllable is chanted either separately or before a spiritual recitation.

The Om symbol is independent of the Devanagari font.  Devanagari is the fourth most widely adopted left to right writing system in the world, composed of 33 consonants and 14 vowels,  Devanagari Om ॐ symbol, represents the Om symbol using Devanagari script.

How Om and Devanagari Om look in different fonts. 

Here’s some examples of how the Om and Devanagari Om symbols look in common Office fonts in  
Word 365.  There aren’t many fonts to choose from.

A blank square means the font doesn’t support that character.
Word will use another font instead.

Devanagari Om Symbol is also available in Mangal and Nirmala UI fonts.

Om and Devanagari Om symbol codes 

These are the important code numbers or values you’ll need to enter the three symbols. 

Use the Alt + X shortcut in Word for Windows, for example type 950 then Alt + X to enter ॐ  

Or enter the value into Character Code fields in Symbol dialog boxes to jump to that symbol. 

Om Symbol  ?   U+ 1F549 

Devanagari Om ॐ  U+ 950 

Quick access for commonly used symbols. 

If you use a symbol often, a fast way to enter it is AutoCorrect. 

Once in a document you can copy it to AutoCorrect and make your own shortcut. 

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 

Insert  | Symbols | Symbol and look for the Om symbol using Character Code 1F549 or 950

Windows Character Map 

Similarly, the Windows Character Map accessory in all Windows releases. Character Map has a search feature, something missing from the Insert | Symbol in Office. 

Or use one of the hex character codes to jump to the right part of the list. 

Windows 10 has the Emoji Panel (Win + . ) however searching for a symbol isn’t easy see Emoji Panel is part of Windows 10 that totally sucks

MacOS and Office for Mac inserting characters 

On a Mac, to enter the Male, Female or combo symbol: 

  • Command + Control + Spacebar shortcut to open the Character Viewer.    
  • Search for “ Om “ should find the symbol you need as the first result. 

Despite the name Character Viewer, the Apple system tool will also insert characters into any program, including Office for Mac. 

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