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Excel meets esports in the Financial Modeling World Cup

Esports (online gaming) is getting serious. Tomorrow the Financial Modelling World Cup pits eight Excel experts against each other in an online tournament.

Instead of fighting battles or virtual sports, this is a test of Excel skills.  It’s being called the ‘888 Battle’  8 Contestants from 8 Countries on 8th June.

The contestants are from around the world; Britain, Canada, USA, South Africa, Poland, India, Australia and Malaysia.

Each participant will be provided with access to a financial model saved on OneDrive.

They’ll have to prepare calculations in the financial model designated to them in just 40 minutes. There’s a business case to solve through creating a financial model and answering several questions related to the model.  Each contestant gets a specific case breakdown a day before test.

It’ll be streamed live on YouTube on 8th June at 11am UTC, 7am in New York and 9pm in Sydney, Australia.  The YouTube page will show the start time in your area.

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