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How we made the 'Adjust your monitor' sign

Re-creating the “Don’t be a Spock” sign in Word wasn’t hard especially since the original sign seen at the laboratory was probably made in Microsoft Word.

Here are some comments on the design.

  • The standard Arial font was used throughout.
  • The two images and captions are in a 2 x 2 cell table with spacing between the cells to put the white space between each cell.
  • The red ‘lightning bolt’ and white arrow on the images are added using the Insert | Shapes feature and overlaid on the photos.
  • The bottom cells have the background color changed and the text color changed to white.
  • The line drawing is positioned left with ‘Square’ text wrapping.

We made our version in Word 2010 but there’s nothing fancy about the formatting. Any version of Microsoft Word released since at least Office 2003 could make the same sign (probably before).

Our graphics maestro, Mary-Jane Almer (designer for Eye-Catching Signs with Word, Creative Certificates with Word and Christmas Cheer with Office) could undoubtedly do a better job. Our purpose here was to recreate the original sign not boldly go making a spin-off .

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