Microsoft 365 get 20% saving with an * asterix

Office Depot in the USA has a good deal available now for both Microsoft 365 Family and Personal, but with an important limitation buried in the fine print.

Both offers are for 15 months of Microsoft 365 for the price of 12 but you must buy a ‘qualifying product’ to get that price.

*Qualifying products are:  PC, Mac, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone or PC Accessory or service over $69

That important caveat isn’t obvious, the first clue is the ‘with purchase of qualifying product’ in small print on the box cover shot (see below).

Maybe get the 15-month deal to top up your Microsoft 365 account, if you’re already getting something from Office Depot over $69?

Microsoft 365 Family

Usual annual price $99.99, Office Depot has 15-months for the same price

Microsoft 365 Personal

Usual annual price $69.99, Office Depot has 15-months for the same price

Thanks to Office Watcher Francis W. for the tip!

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