Understanding all the parts of OneNote

While OneNote is very flexible, especially with pages, there’s an overall structure from Notebooks to Sections, Pages, sub-pages and containers.


OneNote is based on a series of notebooks.   You can make notebooks for any topic you like.  One for personal or diverse notes.  Others for work, a hobby, subjects you’re studying, special projects like moving house or travel.  Microsoft loves to push OneNote as a place for recipes.


Within each notebook is a series of sections across tabbed headings.  Double-click on any section tab to rename it.

Start with one notebook and a section.  As you add notes and find more uses for OneNote you can easily rearrange the pages and sections.


Each section has one or more pages.  Those pages are listed on the right.  You can rename a page by changing the heading.  Click on the date/time to change them.

Pages can have sub-pages and sub-sub-pages. In other words, two sub-levels of pages.

Pages have no practical limits in terms of size.  They can be as large and wide as you need.


OneNote pages have note containers, somewhat hidden boxes that enclose each element you type or copy into the page.

There’s a grey bar at the top you can drag to move the container.  On the right is a resizing handle to change the horizontal size.  You’re not limited to those areas, hovering the mouse around any edge will change the mouse pointer and let you move/resize.

Whole containers can be copied and pasted.

To merge two containers into a single one, select the first container (use the grey top bar), hold down the SHIFT key while dragging the container into another container.

The handle on the left is a paragraph marker.  Drag that marker to move an entire paragraph or table row; handy for rearranging notes.

OneNote Feed

OneNote feed is a combined list of notes (from a single Microsoft account) from various Microsoft sources like OneNote, Sticky Notes and To Do plus Samsung Notes. Open it from the little button at top-right, just above the ribbon.

The Feed can be switched between different Microsoft accounts with options to Search, Filter and add a note.

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