Add videos to PowerPoint Kiosk mode

It is possible to add videos to a PowerPoint Kiosk or self-running presentation.

Recently we’ve talked about Self-running of kiosk display in PowerPoint as well as the related PowerPoint Photo Album feature. But what about video’s?

You can add videos to a PowerPoint presentation, you’ve been able to do that for years but it’s become a lot easier in recent versions of Office.

Making the video work within a self-running presentation takes a little extra care. Here’s how we got it to work (there might be a better way):

  • Go to the presentation and add a blank slide where you want the video to go.
  • Insert the video onto the slide from Insert | Video .
  • Make any changes you want to the video; trimming, effects, fades etc.
  • Ensure that Video Tools | Playback | Video Options | Start is set to Automatically
  • Using the slider below the video, note the running time of the video.
  • Switch to the Transitions tab. Under Timing | Advance Slide | After set the duration to the same or a little more than the video playback time.

With those settings the video will automatically play when the slide appears and will advance to the next slide when the video ends.

In our tests, the video slide would get ‘stuck’ unless the Advance Slide duration was set to match the video playing time.