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Research Assistant / Technical Writer

Office Watch is seeking a reliable and organised individual with excellent research and writing skills to join our team as soon as possible.

About The Role

All work is remote based. We offer flexible working hours based on your existing schedule, and you will have a great deal of autonomy within your role, with the ability to set your hours each week.

You will be supporting the Editor in Chief by researching features in Microsoft Office, checking the official description against the existing software, and finding additional details through your research. Ā 

The job would be ideal for a university/college student looking for flexible work that fits around their studies e.g. less work during term and especially near exams, more work during vacations. That’s what the current assistant does.

Also good for someone wanting to supplement a part-time or zero-hours contract.

The successful applicant will be:

Reliable, independent, with great attention to detail and self-initiative.

You will have strong written communication skills with the capability to prioritise competing workloads.

You will have an inquiring mind and confidence in using Microsoft Windows and Office.

You do not have to be an Office expert or have studied computer science as our past employees have studied or worked from various backgrounds.  


  • Applicant must own a computer with Windows 10 or 11 operating system.
  • Office 365 licence or one can be provided if necessary. 
  • Reliable internet access to easily communicate remotely.
  • Sound research, organisational and written communication skills.
  • Experience in Microsoft Teams and WordPress will be highly regarded. 

Please send your resume to [email protected] ideally with examples of your own writing (any topic). A real live human will read all applicationsšŸ˜Šno AI systems involved.

Applications close on Wednesday, 15th June.

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