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Outlook app is ending for older Android devices

The Outlook mobile app from Microsoft is ending its support for older versions of the Android operating system.  Office Watch explains who is affected, how and when.

All these changes apply to devices with Android 7.1 and previous.  That’s a quite elderly version of Android (by tech standards).  The current version is 12.

All Android devices with Android v8 and above will continue to run Outlook mobile app.

23 May 2022 is the important date

From 23 May 2022 the Outlook mobile app will no longer be supported for Android 7.1 and before, meaning no more updates to existing installs of Outlook mobile for Android.

Existing Outlook’s on Android 7.1 or below will continue to work (without updates) but you won’t be able to reinstall.

It will NOT be possible to install Outlook mobile on any device using Android v7.1 or below after about 23 May 2022.

None of this is a big surprise.  Android 7.1 (Nougat)  is five years old and was last updated in October 2019.  Most devices that originally had v7.1 have switched to Android v8 (Oreo) or later.

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