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Set your own Shape default settings in Microsoft Office

You’re not stuck with the Microsoft automatic settings when inserting a new shape.  Change the defaults to whatever you like for faster shape formatting in Office; Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook.

When you Insert | Shape, something like this probably appears.  Blue fill, 1pt black single line outline, no effects and Text Wrapping in front of text.

That’s the Microsoft default which may not suit you. Personally, we prefer no fill because the shape will be filled with text or other objects.  Text Wrapping Square or Tight is easier to manage at first.

There are two ways to change the shape defaults. Once set, any new shape will start with your choices, not Microsoft’s.

Any Shape Gallery option can become your new shape default.  Go to Shape Format | Shape Styles | Shape Gallery right-click on a style then choose Set as Default Shape.

Roll your own shape default

If that’s not enough, make your own default settings.

Create a shape with the defaults for fill, outline, wrapping etc you want then right-click and choose Set as Default Shape.

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