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Show Crop Marks each page in Word

How to show the four corner Crop or Trim marks on a Microsoft Word page.

The ‘L’ shapes are a guide to the useable part of the page, inside the margins, and appear in all four corners. The four marks are called Crop Marks also known as Trim Marks.

Word Crop Marks in Page View, using Black theme to make the Crop Marks more visible.

They appear in Page View only, for obvious reasons.

In Word 365 for Windows, go to File | Options | Advanced | Show Document Content | Crop Marks.  The same setting applies in Word 2021/LTSC and previous back to at least Word 2007.

Word for Mac

Word 365 for Mac and earlier versions go to Preferences | View | Show in Document | Crop Marks

Registration Marks

Crop Marks are sometimes called Registration Marks.  However, the Office Watch design department (aka Mary-Jane Almer <g>) tells us Registration Marks are something different. They are edge colored boxes to check that each color ink is lined up properly. Used by professional printers on big print jobs.

Text Boundaries

Text Boundaries is another Word option that’s sometimes confused with Crop Marks. It shows the boundaries of each paragraph within a document.

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