Try out Microsoft Loop now in Teams

Microsoft Loop is coming in 2022 but there’s a little taste of it already in Teams under the name ‘Live Components’ and now ‘Loop Components’.  If the promises of Loop come true, it will be a very interesting new way to work together.

Loop is a new way of collaboration using small modules that can be dropped into various locations. People can edit these live components unlike regular chats or messages.

Think of the live components as like mini-documents, worksheets or lists that people can collaborate on within other Office features.

Live Components will become Loop Components

This early version of Loop is called “Live Components” in Teams is now changing to “Loop Components” with a different blue Loop icon.

Microsoft’s plan is for Loop Components to spread to other Teams areas (meeting notes and channels) then to Outlook and finally Microsoft 365 more broadly.

Live Components in Teams

Look in Teams chat for the Live Components icon.

The current options are:

  • Bulleted List
  • Checklist
  • Numbered list
  • Paragraph
  • Table
  • Task list

Here’s an example live list.  Anyone on the chat can add items or check off an existing list item.

Or here’s a Live Paragraph that people can edit.

Permissions and Settings

“People in your organization with the link can edit” opens Link settings to control who can see or edit the component.

  • Anyone with the link
  • People in your organisation with the link
  • People currently in this chat
  • People with existing access
  • Specific people

And last but not least:

  • Allow editing

Important details

At present, Live/Loop Components are in Teams Chat only

They appear in Teams apps on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.  Web client support is coming.

Live/Loop Components default on but can be disabled by network administrators.  

Not available in Teams Free.  

FYI, Live/Loop Components are shared as .fluid files in the Sharepoint storage folder Microsoft Teams Chat Files.

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