New Paste Values keyboard shortcut for Excel

A new keyboard shortcut coming in Excel 365 (Windows/Mac) will be very handy when pasting values into a cell or matching the destination formatting.

A common Excel task is pasting content into a cell from non-Excel sources (a web page, document, email etc).  Until now (and in Excel 2021/2019 etc) is quite possible though a little clumsy, choose from:

  • Paste pressing Ctrl+V, and then look at the Paste Options mini-toolbar to select Paste Values or Match Destination Formatting 
  • Go to Home | Paste (or Alt, H, V ) and choose Paste Values or Match Destination from the drop-down menu.
  • Also at Home | Paste, down the bottom of the drop-down menu is Paste Special, choose Values or Text.  Ctrl+Alt+V is the shortcut to Paste Special.

Ctrl + Shift + V – Paste Values or Match Destination Formatting

New in Excel for Windows (and Excel for Mac soon) is Ctrl + Shift + V which will automatically paste in either:

  • Values OR
  • Match Destination Formatting

Depending on what’s being pasted in.

Source: Microsoft

A little confusion

The Ctrl + Shift + V shortcut probably made sense to Microsoft, thinking within the context of Excel alone.

But Ctrl + Shift + V means Paste Text Only in Windows and Mac (Cmd + Shift + V) and in Word/Outlook.

Giving that shortcut a different meaning in Excel could confuse people, but “on the other hand” there’s a limited number of simple keyboard combinations.

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