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Get Python in Google Sheets

Google Sheets can now support Python code in a similar but cheaper way than Python in Excel 365

Neptyne has released a Python Add-on for Google Sheets which works in much the same way at the newly released Python extension to Excel 365.

Source: Neptyne

The add on includes ‘spilling’ results to nearby cells and a Package Manager to control which Python components are available.

There’s a Quick Start guide and plenty of other help pages for novices.

Neptyne is hardly a newcomer to Python spreadsheets. Their main product is a spreadsheet built from Python and cloud based.

Neptyne add-in for Google Sheets is free for all, at the moment. The company says there will always be a free level.  Eventually the add-in will be included in the plans for their main Neptyne product which starts at US$12 a month.

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