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SharePoint Premium: Content Management meets AI

Microsoft has announced SharePoint Premium, an advanced platform that adds artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and enhanced security features to the existing Sharepoint system.

SharePoint Premium is designed change the way organizations manage and interact with critical content. It extends the capabilities of SharePoint with new tools for content engagement, security, and lifecycle management. The platform notably prepares content for Copilot in Microsoft 365. This development marks the next phase of Syntex, Microsoft’s intelligent content platform.

SharePoint Premium

According to Microsoft the key features of SharePoint Premium include:

Enhanced Content Experiences and Solutions: This includes AI-enhanced management of various file types to boost employee productivity, streamline business processes, and enhance collaboration. It optimizes important document processes like contracts and invoices.

Advanced Content Processing AI-driven automation plays a vital role in organizing content, enhancing its value, and prepping it for Copilot integration.

Robust Content Governance: SharePoint Premium addresses issues like oversharing and content sprawl with effective lifecycle management and access control tools.

Additionally, Microsoft has upgraded SharePoint’s user experience and developer extensibility. This includes simpler content authoring with AI assistance, visually compelling site and page designs, deeper integration with Microsoft’s suite of services, and a commitment to future-proofing custom solutions.

Building on the foundation of Microsoft Syntex, SharePoint Premium will leverage AI for efficient workflow management. Furthermore, recent innovations in OneDrive have been introduced to enhance file sharing and content interaction across devices.

400 file types

Looking ahead, Microsoft says SharePoint Premium aims to redefine content platforms by offering robust solutions for high-value documents. This includes a new integrated file viewer supporting over 400 file types and innovative tools for managing business documents in Teams. The platform also introduces an AI-driven clause analyzer for high-risk contract assessment and a new Document Portal for external collaboration.

Annotations in the SharePoint Premium file viewer. Source: Microsoft

SharePoint eSignature

SharePoint eSignature, set to be generally available in early 2024, will digitize document approval workflows, with partnerships announced with Adobe and DocuSign for third-party integration.

Business Documents app in Teams

There’s also a new Business Documents app for Teams.  The app can review high-value documents in a single view with insights like timely alerts for contracts that are expiring soon or need attention.

More to come in early 2024

Some of the hyped features will not be available on release (a typical Microsoft tactic). According to Microsoft these features will be available in the first half of 2024.

Autofill columns -allow you to dynamically add a new column to a document library and use AI to automatically fill in discovered values
PII detection – flag files containing personally identifiable information (PII) such as addresses, phone numbers, credit card details and more.
Multilabel classifier – run a single AI model to automatically set content type and determine the right model to apply for full data extract and analysis, rather than running multiple models to find the best match.
Redaction – Find and remove visibility for select sensitive information, such as names, addresses, social security numbers, from content viewing.

Autofill column in SharePoint Premium Source: Microsoft

SharePoint Premium – the video

Naturally there’s a video to go with the announcement. No Microsoft launch is possible without one <sigh>.  And, of course, the video is very short, slick and almost totally lacking any useful information <double sigh>.

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