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Stop ‘Try the new Outlook’ button appearing

Hide that ‘Try the new Outlook’ option appearing in Outlook for Windows and why you should not click that button … not yet anyway.

Microsoft has released the ‘new Outlook’ to some customers as an option because they want lots of unpaid ‘guinea pigs’. Each ‘new’ feature added to the software gets a blog post and other hype, even though it’s really just an existing Outlook feature that’s being fitted into the new code.

There’ll come a time when the ‘new Outlook’ will be suitable for paying customers, but we’re nowhere near that now. So if you’d like to be rid of this pesky prompt, here’s how to do that.

There’s a way to turn off that prompt via the Registry:


Most likely you’ll have to add this value

REG_DWORD (32-bit)


Data:  0 = show the Try prompt (default)   1 = Hide ‘Try the new Outlook prompt’

As Office Watch has said before the ‘new Outlook’ isn’t just a change of look, it’s a totally different codebase from the existing Outlook for Windows. Microsoft has started from scratch and remaking Outlook before our eyes.

The ‘new Outlook’ is still a work in progress with many missing features, most notably offline support. So far it only supports a few non-Microsoft mailboxes and even then customers have to sacrifice their privacy to Microsoft’s servers (all non-Microsoft mail is routed via Microsoft servers) see The privacy trap in the New Outlook for Windows

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