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Excel for iPad gets PivotTable editing – at last!

Until now, Excel for iPad could use PivotTables already setup in desktop Excel. Now you’ll be able to make and edit PivotTables too.

An Excel for iPad PivotTable looks the same as in other Excel’s

Source: Microsoft with our cropping.

Being able to make last minute changes to a PivotTable on the iPad is very welcome.

It’s probably still easier to do the initial creation and setup of a PivotTable in desktop Excel for Windows/Mac.  The larger screen with keyboard and mouse is a better interface for that kind of work.

Look for a PivotTable button to appear on the Insert tab.

Source: Microsoft with our cropping and highlight.

All the major elements of a PivotTable are there.

A side-pane Fields to choose fields into columns or rows.

Across the top is a ribbon with Layout and Style options, Styles, Refresh and Changing Data Source.

Source: Microsoft with our cropping

PivotTable settings is where you can change its name and tweak some other options for errors and no data.

Source: Microsoft with our cropping

Who gets it?

It’s another frustrating gradual rollout to customers.

You need:

  • Excel for iPad version 2.80.1203.0 or later


  • Be lucky enough to have the PivotTable feature enabled by Microsoft.

All you can do is keep your Excel app up-to-date and look for the PivotTable button to appear

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