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New Windows 11 option: Update both Windows and Office

A new Windows 11 option will let you update Windows, Microsoft Office and other Microsoft apps at the same time. Is it such a good idea?

In the latest Windows 11 Insiders there’s a new choice “Receive updates for other Microsoft products” which defaults on.

Find it at Settings | Windows Update | Advanced options. It will eventually rollout to public updates for Windows 11.

In the meantime we have this solution for both Windows 11 and Windows 10. Combined ‘one-click’ update for both Windows and Office

There’s no detail given about what products are updated. Most likely the mention of “Microsoft Office” means any modern Office using the “Click2Run” CtR system; Microsoft 365, Office 2021, Office 2019 and some Office 2016.

Is it a good thing?

All at once updating of Windows, Office and other Microsoft products (like Visual Studio) is certainly convenient but more cautious users might have second thoughts.

You might prefer to say when and what is updated. 

Windows and Office updates aren’t risk free and sometimes cause trouble, see Should you trust Microsoft Office Updates? If both are updated at the same time, it could be hard to know which update is the source of a problem.

If you’re working on a crucial task or a tight deadline, you might not want the additional risk of Windows or Office breaking due to an update.

Nothing new

This option is a case of “Déjà vu all over again”. 

Years ago there was “Windows Update” which offered the same thing – combined Windows, Office and other Microsoft product updates.

Should you trust Microsoft Office Updates

Combined ‘one-click’ update for both Windows and Office

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