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Outlook for Windows gets a name change, at last

Outlook for Windows is about to become Outlook (classic). We’ll explain why the change is necessary and should have happened last year.

The current Outlook for Windows is being renamed “Outlook (classic)” or more properly “Outlook (classic) for Windows”. 

That will properly distinguish it from the new, still in development, Outlook (new).  Despite being a ‘preview’ product without key features, Microsoft is aggressively pushing the new Outlook to the public.

There’s been a lot of confusion between the two Outlooks which hasn’t been helped by inconsistent labelling.  At least now it should be a little clearer which Outlook someone is using, to both customers and tech support.

The Outlook (classic) label will gradually rollout to all Microsoft 365 for Windows releases.

Not consistent

The Outlook (classic) label appears only in the Windows app menus, not in Outlook itself.

It’s still just “Outlook” in the title bar and the File | Office Account pane. Also the About Outlook button.

How the change to new Outlook for Windows will work

Digging deeper into the Outlook (new) timetable

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