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PowerPoint trim video reaches the web

The long-standing Trim Video feature in PowerPoint desktop has now reached the browser based version as well as in the desktop Windows and Mac versions.

If you’ve ever used Trim Video in either PowerPoint for Windows or Mac, this ‘new’ feature will be familiar in PowerPoint on the web.

Any video saved with the presentation (uploaded or Stock Video) has a Trim Video option on the Video tab.

Change the start or end points of the video by either dragging the end handles or entering start or end times.

It’s a fast way to shorten a video to something snappier for the presentation without the hassle of separately editing a video before adding to PowerPoint.

Linked videos from YouTube etc don’t have the trimmed video feature. You can trim the start of a YouTube video using the &t= URL parameter e.g. &t=16 will start a YouTube video 16 seconds in.

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