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Surprise! Microsoft recommends Windows 11

This should surprise no-one … Microsoft says that it recommends Windows 11 over Windows 10. Even though end-of-support for Windows 10 is over a year away (October 2025), Microsoft is pushing people to switch now. Why?

Microsoft is continually frustrated by the reluctance of their customers to move from Windows 10. Windows 11 has been out for about 2 1/2 years (since 5 October 2021) yet the vast majority of people are sticking with Windows 10.

Now there’s a revised Microsoft support page extolling the virtues of Windows 11 and prominently warning about the end of Windows 10. Microsoft isn’t accustomed to customers not following the company’s self-serving needs.

In our view people and organizations are being entirely sensible staying with Windows 10 on their existing computers.

By all means, choose Windows 11 for a new computer. Win11 isn’t bad, but there’s nothing compelling to justify the time, trouble and (usually) cost of changing.

Windows 10 customers are the majority

Microsoft likes to pretend that Windows 11 is incredibly popular but the facts tell a very different story.

Source: plus our callouts.

That’s part of the reason why we’ve kept our ebook Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users updated including the recent 2024 edition.

That’s in addition to the 2024 release of Windows 11 for Microsoft Office users

What to do about Windows 10?

Nothing. There’s more than a ‘twelvemonth’ to go before Windows 10 ends support.

Unless there’s something truly compelling in Windows 11 (we can’t think of anything), better the ‘devil you know’ for now.

And that’s assuming your computer is compatible with Windows 11, a factor that Microsoft glosses over. Win11 has important hardware security requirements that many Windows 10 computers don’t have.

Despite Microsoft’s self-interested assurances, using Windows 11 effectively might a better computer than what’s OK with Windows 10. In particular, a boost in memory and CPU.

Change Windows when you change computers

We fall back on the same advice as we’ve given for years. It’s best and easiest to change Windows when you change computers.

Maybe in the middle of next year (mid-2025) people might have to think about switching their current computer to Windows 11. But there’s no hurry and no need to do now what Microsoft wants.

Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users
Windows 11 for Microsoft Office users

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