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Feature Presentation

A look into the dilemma that faces developers in the Microsoft Office team.

For many years we’ve heard from Office Watch readers who want both a simpler Microsoft Office without ‘unnecessary’ extras and, often in the same breath, demanding some specific additional features.

This dilemma is at the core of Microsoft’s decision to introduce the new user interface into Office 2007. The ‘Fluent’ ribbon is an attempt to make the power of MS Office more accessible so that people can find the things they need and possibly didn’t even know are available.

In ‘The New Yorker’ magazine, James Surowiecki has a fascinating column on financial and economic matters. The 28 May 2007 issue has an interesting article on the feature dilemma that faces many modern companies.

There’s a difference between what people think they want when buying and what they use in daily life. That applies to Microsoft Office in a big way.

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