New Office 2007 help files

Microsoft has released a series of updated help files for Office 2007 programs.

Microsoft has released a series of updated help files for Office 2007 programs.

Each program has a separate download. In most cases the download includes updates for both the main user help file and the developers help file.

There are no details about what has changed in the updates other than a reference to “the latest assistance content”.

According to Microsoft, the downloads will install the help files to the default location Program FilesOffice121033 and if you have installed to another folder you’ll have to move the .hxs files across.  This is a mistake on the MS web site – the default path is Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice121033 for English language editions.   The new help files are installed to the correct default location, regardless of the error on the MS web site.

The original help files are dated in September and October 2006 while the updated help files are dated in October 2008.  

If you’re not sure that the new help has been installed check the .HXS file dates. Or just install the 2008 help file downloads, either the help files will be updated or you’ll get a message saying the updates are already in place.

Word 2007

Updates for Word 2007 help.

Excel 2007

Updates for Excel 2007 help

Powerpoint 2007

Updates for Powerpoint 2007 help

Outlook 2007

Updates for Outlook 2007 help

Access 2007

Updates for Access 2007 help

OneNote 2007

Updates for OneNote 2007 help

Publisher 2007

Updates for Publisher 2007 help

These updates won’t fix a bug in Office 2007 where the help files might not work if Windows is installed on a drive other than Drive C. (Tip: instead of dual or multiple boot machines – consider switching to virtual machines using VMware, MS Virtual PC, Virtual Server or even HyperV).