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Klingon = Clinton

There’s always another joke at the expense of Word’s spell checker.

Last year we had the politically charged question of Obama and Osama then later the omission of Michael Palin (or was it Sarah Palin?) from the Word dictionary.

We’ve noticed another one that will offend Democrats and Star Trek fans, perhaps in equal measure.

Type Klingon into Word 2007 or Word 2003 (US English) – you’ll get a red squiggly line. That’s bad enough – you’d think there were more Trekkies/Trekkers at Microsoft to have noticed that dictionary omission .

Right-click on Klingon and see the first suggested alternative:


Word 2007 - Klingon equals Clinton.jpg image from Klingon = Clinton at

There you have it – proof at last of a link between Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and the most warlike species in Federation Territory. And it’s confirmed by Microsoft itself – so it must be true .

Obviously we’re kidding – no complaints please.

Do you have a favorite MS Office spell check or thesaurus combination?  Let us know and we’ll share them with Office Watch readers around the globe.

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