PDF-to-Office Formats Conversion Tool PDF2Office v5.0 for Windows

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From: Recosoft Corporation

PDF2Office v5.0 – Convert PDF files directly to native Excel, Word and PowerPoint formats; newest version of the PDF-to-Office formats conversion tool for Windows ships.

Recosoft Corporation is the developer of the PDF2Office® family of products, PDF2ID® tool for InDesign®, cross platform file format conversion solutions and PDF converters ships PDF2Office Standard and PDF2Office Professional v5.0 for Windows.

PDF2Office Standard and PDF2Office Professional v5.0 now convert PDF documents to the Microsoft® Excel format; converting each page in a PDF file into a corresponding worksheet in the resulting Excel file; formatting text, graphics and images. Additionally, PDF2Office Standard and PDF2Office Professional v5.0 includes over 150+ enhancements related to PDF-to-Office format conversions. Finally, PDF2Office Standard and PDF2Office Professional v5.0 directly convert PDF documents to the Office 2007 XML as well as the Office 97-2003 binary file formats.

PDF2Office enables you to recover and reuse the data stored in PDF documents — making them available for use by anyone and eliminating the need to acquire and install additional PDF editing software and tools resulting in huge cost savings in both time and expense.

Key New Features

– Convert to Spreadsheet format

PDF2Office v5.0 converts PDF files to the Microsoft Excel format.

– Convert directly to Office 97-2003 or Office 2007 formats

PDF2Office Standard and PDF2Office Professional directly converts PDF files to the native Microsoft Excel/Word/PowerPoint 97-2003 binary file formats and the Excel/Word/PowerPoint 2007 XML formats.

– Open PDF documents in Microsoft Excel

A new PDF2Office plug-in for Microsoft Excel has been added allowing selecting and converting PDF documents directly within Excel 2000-2007.

– Typeface Library

PDF2Office v5.0 remembers and stores all font substitutions into a Typeface Library. This eliminates having to repeatedly specify font substitutions. The mappings in the Typeface Library can be replaced and overridden as required.

– PDF Reconstruction v4.5

PDF2Office Professional now includes the latest PDF Reconstruction v4.5 engine offering dramatic enhancements when converting PDF documents, including enhanced graphics processing, and complex layout and PDF data recognition. General improvements have also been made in identifying footnotes and headers/footers.

PDF2Office Standard v5.0 and PDF2Office Professional v5.0 are available immediately in the following configurations from Recosoft’s online store –

PDF2Office Professional v5.0 US$99.00

PDF2Office Professional v5.0 upgrade US$49.00

(for PDF2Office v2.5/4.0 Professional licensees)

PDF2Office Standard v5.0 US$69.00

PDF2Office Standard v5.0 upgrade US$39.00

(for PDF2Office Personal/Standard v2.0-v4.0 licensees)

About Recosoft Corporation

Recosoft Corporation is headquartered at Osaka, Japan and is the developer and provider of cross platform software and information technology solutions. The company is a leader in designing and delivering PDF converters and PDF file conversion software solutions enhancing workflow automation and productivity. For more information on Recosoft PDF converters, visit URL: http://www.recosoft.com/

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