Copying images from the web

How to copy an image from the web into an Office document.

Getting an image from your web browser to a Word document is quite easy, though easier with some browsers than others.

In your browser, right-click over the image you want and look at the options available. At the very least there’ll be an option to Save the image to your computer. In Internet Explorer 11 you get these Picture specific options including ‘Save picture as …’:

IE picture options image from Copying images from the web at

There may be other options available, depending on what programs/add ins you have installed on your computer. For example on our computer there are some extra right-click options.

Saving an image to your hard drive means you then have to Insert | Picture into Office – that works OK but can be faster.

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What you really want is a browser feature to copy the selected image to the clipboard so you can directly paste it into your document. That’s faster and easier.

You can do that in Google Chrome. Right-click on a browser image and look for ‘Copy Image’

Chrome picture options image from Copying images from the web at

Then switch to Word, Excel or PowerPoint and paste the image where you want it to go.

We don’t have Firefox to hand but it should have a similar feature in-built or as an add-on.

The other option is to select the image with your mouse just as you’d select items in a Word document (ie click the mouse and drag to select). The pasted result in Word may have some extra stuff around the image that you can delete.