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Become an Office beta tester

Join the list of testers for future versions of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft has opened their waiting list for people to test future versions of Microsoft Office.

Businesses and individuals can apply here

There’s no guarantee you’ll be selected nor which version of Office you’ll be offered (Office for Windows, Mac, iPad. Maybe the upcoming Android or ‘touch’ Windows Modern version).

Whatever will be offered for testing it’s unlikely to be true ‘beta’ testing. In the past Microsoft has released ‘public preview’ versions of Office, mostly as a marketing exercise to generate interest in yet another release of the software.

Even more disappointing is the lack of responsiveness to bug reports from testers. Time and again we’ve heard from testers who report bugs in Office only to see them unchanged and unacknowledged in the final release.

Still, for us nerds and geeks trying out new software is fun. If that’s your idea of fun too, head over to Microsoft and apply.

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