Get the 2016 Pantone colors of the year in Office

Pantone, the commercial color company has announced its “Colors of the Year” for 2016.  Here’s how to use the latest ‘in’ colors in your Microsoft Office documents.

‘Color of the Year’ is an end-of-year marketing trick by Pantone.  It gets the company some free advertising and people talk about colors.

As we explained back in 2014, Pantone colors don’t have a direct match because Windows/Office are setup for on-screen colors while Pantone is for printed materials.  But you can get a close match if you know the trick.

For 2016 the “Pantone Color Institute” (we’re not making this up) has chosen standard baby colors:

Source: Pantone

Pantone colors have a name ‘Serenity’ plus a code number ’15-3919′ – neither of which make any sense in Windows or Office.

If you’d like to use the latest ‘in’ colors in your documents, slides or worksheets ….

The Windows/Office/RGB equivalents are supplied by Pantone themselves.

The pastel pink ‘Rose Quartz’ can be RGB:247,202,201  or  RGB:242,221,222

which look like this in Microsoft Office:

The baby blue ‘Serenity’ converts to  RGB:146,168,209  or RGB: 137,171,227