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We’ve been talking, again, about the possibility of hacking via a RTF (Rich Text Format) document.

Some readers have asked why the RTF format is so commonly requested for job applications?

  • Is it the fact that RTF is commonly available, even to people who don’t have Word, or any other word-processor?
  • Is there a (false) belief that RTF is safer from virus infection?
  • Is it just habit / common practice with the reasons lost in time?

We’re curious about this and hoping a reader or two (maybe who’ve been in HR for a few decades) might be able to shed some light.

Of course, job applicants should submit their CV in whatever format the recruiter requests (DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, DOC, parchment, clay tablet, whatever).

Please let us know if only to quench our insatiable curiousity <g>

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