Maths equation and LaTeX improvements in Word 2016

The Office 365 version of Word 2016 for Windows has some nice improvements to LatTex support.

LaTeX is the maths boffins preferred way of writing formula in computer code for conversion into the symbols that confuse us mere humans.

In Word 2016 (Windows, Office 365 users only), you can see some extras on the Equation Editor ribbon, especially the LaTeX

Use the Alt + = shortcut to add a new equation.

Type or paste in LaTeX like this:

And Word will change it into a Professional format:

You can switch between Linear and Professional formats from the Convert button.

Switch either the current equation or all equations in the document.

More Info

Murray Sargent from Microsoft has a useful and wonderfully honest posting about this new feature, it’s history and limitations.  If only more of Microsoft’s documentation would treat their customers like adults.

Among Mr Sargent’s comments:

“We didn’t advertise this highly requested feature since it needed more work.”

“More enhancements are likely to be offered in the future. For example, it would be nice to have a Unicode LaTeX build-down option since it’s much easier to read than pure ASCII LaTeX. Also, it’d be nice to offer a formula autobuildup option in Word”

And finally

“the current facility is a big step forward for folks who know LaTeX well.”