Outlook users may need to update their Apple email password

Apple has announced a change to how third-party products, like Microsoft Outlook, connect to iCloud services.

From 15 June 2017, you’ll need an ‘app specific password’ for Outlook and other programs to connect with Apple services.  This makes two-factor authentication for Apple ID’s compulsory if you use external products.

Two-factor authentication is a good thing.  Use it with all major logins, including Microsoft, Google and Apple ID’s.  App passwords are a way to bypass that. Regular programs don’t need you to enter the second login code every time. Microsoft has a similar arrangement for Outlook.

Ahem, our Windows 10 Creators for Microsoft Office users has a whole chapter about setting up and using two-factor authentication and app passwords. There’s ‘real world’ step-by-step setup instructions that go beyond the standard advice.

Apple says:

Beginning on 15 June, app-specific passwords will be required to access your iCloud data using third-party apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or other mail, contacts and calendar services not provided by Apple. 

If you are already signed in to a third-party app using your primary Apple ID password, you will be signed out automatically when this change takes effect. You will need to generate an app-specific password and sign in again.

What to do

If you haven’t already, setup two-factor authentication from the Password and Security section of your iOS device.

To get an app specific password go to https://appleid.apple.com , login then go to Security | App-Specific Passwords | Generate Password