Read Receipt sending in Outlook for Windows / Mac

Here’s how to send one or all emails from Outlook for Windows/Mac with a Read Receipt.

On the Outlook for Windows ribbon | Options tab there’s a ‘Request a Read Receipt’ option.

Outlook for Mac Read Receipt

Outlook for Mac it’s also on the Options tab

Read and Delivery receipts are very new in Outlook for Mac. Outlook 2016 for Mac, Office 365, version 15.34 (170515) and later.

Read Receipts for all emails

Outlook for Windows global setting for outgoing Read Receipts is at File | Options | Mail

‘Read receipt confirming the recipient viewed the message’ turn ON to enable for all outgoing messages.

Whether the overall Read Receipt option is on or off, you can change it for individual messages as shown above.

Outlook for Mac doesn’t appear to have a matching global Read Receipt setting.

Read Receipts on or off?

As we’ve already explained, these days Read Receipts usually don’t work because the receiver’s system doesn’t respond.  Most people seem to turn off Read Receipts except in special cases.

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