Outlook for Mac is getting read and delivery receipts

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An upcoming release of Outlook 2016 for Mac will get something that Outlook/Windows users take for granted: Read Receipts and Delivery Receipts.

It’s hard to believe but the current and past versions of Outlook for Mac don’t have these features.

Source: Microsoft

The feature is now available in Outlook 2016 for Mac with the Slow Insiders version 15.34 (170515).  Drag and Drop item creation has also been added.

Delivery Receipt – a message comes back saying the email was accepted by the mail host for delivery.

Read Receipt – a message comes back when the email was marked as Read.

Neither Receipt is particularly reliable in practice.  A message might be accepted for delivery but then removed or moved by a spam filter.  The receiver can choose to not send a read receipt back.

Long wait for Mac users

It’s taken Microsoft six years to add a standard email feature. Outlook for Mac users must be a very patient lot.

Microsoft is boasting that adding Receipts answers the most common Outlook/Mac feature request. Little wonder, since it’s a key part of email, especially for business users.

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