Run Microsoft Office on Linux using Zorinos

It’s possible to run Microsoft Office on a Linux computer and Zorinos makes that easier than most.

The Linux operating system can be combined with ‘WINE’ which allows many Windows programs to be run on Linux directly.

Zorinos comes with WINE ‘baked in’ to the operating system, saving the hassle of installing and maintaining WINE separately.

Source: Zorinos

Office 2013

The new Zorinos 12.2 is the first to support Office 2013 for Windows.

You can see the Office 2013 install details and comments from other users here.

It’s not mentioned whether users were installing from an .MSI file or the newer ‘Click to Run’ system preferred by Microsoft.  We suspect a .MSI is more reliable.


Run Linux with WINE to save the cost of a Windows licence, especially on machines or virtual machines that aren’t used very often.

Zorinos comes in a free version with the Ultimate release a mere 19 Euro (about US$21).

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