Send a document sharing link from Microsoft Office

The Share pane in modern Office is fine within an organization or with people who are familiar with document collaboration.  But what if you want to share a document link with more detail in the email or using a non-email method like Instant Messaging?

Well, you want to get just a link to your document – just follow the instructions of clicking the ‘get a sharing link’ hyperlink at the bottom of the Sharing Pane.

This gives you a special web link that you can copy into an email, WhatsApp, Signal, carrier pigeon or whatever.

You can go ahead by selecting the Edit or View-only link created by the system and send it to anyone you want to share with.

In case you change your mind, or you want someone to make modifications to the file -we have another option for you, which allows your reader not only to read, but also make valuable changes. Click edit, copy the link and you are just an email away to share the link with your readers.

You can access or share documents stored in their OneDrive cloud storage accounts from multiple computers, tablets, and even smartphones. Again, it’s not mandatory always to have a document open to share, you can also pull out any other document lying in some folder on your system to share with anyone internally within the organisation or externally without going to your inbox and attaching a file in the traditional way.

Few pointers to consider before you share a file or use the Shared with Me option:

  • You must sign into Office through your Microsoft account to use the sharing feature.
  • ‘Shared with Me’ pulls documents from OneDrive web application and SharePoint. Windows users you get a bonus of also viewing the attachments you might have received through email.
  • You get the full rights to share the file with anyone possible, provided the owner of the file has trusted you with the permission rights of edit.


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