Adding Dropbox to Office Online

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Adding Dropbox to your Word Online, Excel Online or PowerPoint Online place list saves some extra steps. Then you can quickly open, create, modify and saves files to your Dropbox.

To add Dropbox to Office Online:

  • Go to (, open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Online.
  • Click Add a place, under ‘Open from OneDrive’.

  • Select Dropbox. You will now see ‘Open from Dropbox’ option appearing in your place list.

  • When you click ‘Open from Dropbox’ to access a file from your Dropbox account, the file will be saved to your Dropbox.
  • Select ‘New in Dropbox’ to create a new file.

  • To access an old file from your Dropbox account, scan the file from the recent list. The recent list will list down all the files you’ve recently worked on.

Note: To modify any files in a Dropbox for business account holders using Office online, you would require an Office 365 account that includes Office applications. In case you have not signed in you’ll be prompted to sign in before you use the files.

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