Installing Dropbox into Microsoft Office

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Dropbox has integration direct into Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows

It’s best to install the Dropbox app ( on your devices.  Of course, you can always access the Dropbox website from any laptop, computer or smartphones and tablets.

Once Dropbox is installed on your desktop, you’ll notice a new Dropbox folder on your hard drive.

In the Dropbox settings there are options to control which folders are synced offline.

Set up Selective Sync on your device:

Selective Sync lets you choose which Dropbox folders are synced with your computer.  You’ll probably want to keep your document folders sync’d so they are always available.

Click on the Dropbox icon in your system tray, Click on the Settings icon and then select Preferences.

  • Go to the Sync tab and pick the folders you want to set up syncing for.

  • On clicking the “Selective Sync”, you will be presented with a list of folders available in your Dropbox. By default, they will have a checkmark next to the file names, which means they are saved on your device and Dropbox.

  • Deselect the folder’s name you want to remove.
  • Note:  After deselecting a folder, when you click update, the files will be removed from your device. However, it will still be retained on the Dropbox.

As detailed in Everyday Backups, we strongly suggest adding the Dropbox synced folders to the Windows File History and backup systems.

Saving Office files direct to Dropbox Online

Dropbox users can put their cloud storage directly into Office 2016 for Windows or Office Online.

You don’t need this integration, you can simply open and edit documents from the Dropbox synchronized folders on your computer.  However, that won’t include the document collaboration options available when Dropbox appears within Office.

Office 2016/Windows with Dropbox

Install the Dropbox program.  Before saving a file directly to the Dropbox, you need to customize the Dropbox preferences to make it available in your files saving list.

Steps to make Dropbox available as a File storage option:

  • Click the Dropbox icon in your system tray or menu bar.

  • Click on the settings icon and then select Preferences.

  • The Preference window appears. Select the ‘Show Dropbox as save location in MS Office.

  • Press Apply and Ok. Do not forget to restart your Ms Office file to see the latest changes.
  • Now try saving any file and you will see the option of saving it directly to Dropbox.


File Types for Dropbox / Office integration.

You can sync any file with Dropbox but only certain file types can be edit with the Dropbox Office Online integration are:

  • Word .docx
  • Excel .xlsx (under 5MB)
  • PowerPoint .pptx (under 300MB)
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