Dropbox Badge, a collaborative tool in Microsoft Office Windows and Mac

Dropbox Badge is their document collaboration option that provides Dropbox specific features inside Microsoft Office programs,

It works with a refreshingly wide range of Office version. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows and Macintosh.  Office 2007 to 2016 for Windows.  Office 2011 and 2016 for Mac.  It only works with ‘modern’ Office document formats .docx .xlsx and .pptx … not anything in ‘Compatibility Mode’.

Office-Watch.com has said many times that document collaboration is great for solo workers too.  The same document appears on any computer; desktop, laptop, tablet or phone whenever needed.

What is the Dropbox Badge?

The Dropbox Badge is a small pop up that appears on the Microsoft Office files. You can drag the badge up or down along the border of your files, where you feel it convenient to place on your file.

Click on the Dropbox badge and select version history, this will take you to the Dropbox website, where you can get to see all the previous versions of your file. Use the version history to revert your changes and restore to another version of the file.

Some of the other pointers, which can come handy are:

  • Share – Click Share to instantly share a link of the file to anyone. You can choose to share the link in an email, chat, or elsewhere to send the file securely.
  • Comment – Click Comment to make a note on a file from the Dropbox website.
  • Update – refresh the document to see the latest revisions from the cloud version.
  • Version history – see past incarnations of the document,
  • Badge movement – drag the badge along the side of a document to wherever suits you.


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