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We’ve added more to Real Time Excel, our comprehensive guide to adding the latest information into Excel easily and automatically.

Real Time Excel already has in-depth coverage of Linked Data Types, a new and truly interesting addition to Excel for Windows. On 15 October 2018 we added a bit more to the already expansive coverage:

  • Track the latest Stock Indexes (Dow Jones, NASDAQ etc)
  • Making incoming stock prices show the correct currency symbol.
  • Do currency conversions on stock prices to a base or uniform currency.
  • Add web links for more stock information and news.
  • Troubles and traps in searching for stocks and geography data.
  • Three new example worksheets to open, use and copy. There’ are now 19 worksheets included with Real Time Excel.

Linked Data Types are coming to Excel 365 for Windows this month (Office Insiders already have it). Real Time Excel has a chapter devoted to the new feature; how it works, the traps and little extras you can add yourself.

Latest Stock and Fund Prices

Add Stock and Fund prices from across the world. Updated with just a mouse click or automatically with a little VBA code supplied in the book.

A table like this truly takes only a few minutes. It really takes less than that because this worksheet (and many others) are included with the book.

Actual worksheet of global stock with latest prices and other info, included with Real Time Excel

Wait,  there’s more …  no really, there is a lot more …

That’s in addition to chapters on getting into Excel:

  • Google Finance data
  • Historical Stock Price data going back many years.
  • Currency conversion rates
  • Bitcoin and other cyber currency exchange rates.
  • Latest weather details for locations around the world.
  • Word and PowerPoint – adding real time data into documents or slides.

Don’t have Excel 365?

No problem, the existing Get & Transform features of Excel can grab stock, currency and other data.

Real Time Excel has examples and pages of help for Excel 2019, Excel 2016 and Excel 2013 for Windows.  We’d love to include Excel for Mac, as soon as Microsoft adds the necessary features <sigh>.

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