Office for Android latest preview highlights – Word and PowerPoint

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The latest Office for Android preview has a few additions that might be of interest.

We’re talking about build 16.0.10325.20010, the July 2018 insiders preview that’ll later be available to all Office for Android users.

Word Count

The document word count should appear as you scroll through the document, alongside the page position and total pages (e.g. 2 of 12).  We could not get this to work on documents, large or small, but could be handy once it appears.

Source: Microsoft

Better Zoom

The two finger ‘pinch’ to zoom works better now with the document fitting better into the available space.


According to Microsoft, PowerPoint for Android can now “Quickly capture and share enhanced images with fewer taps”.  We’re not sure what that means in practice.  You can select an image or slide, choose Share then email it.  In Microsoft’s example it appears within the message, not as an attachment.

Source: Microsoft

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