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With all the news about data leaks from Facebook and others, we thought it was time to restate our privacy policy. deliberately keeps as little information as possible about our readers and customers.  That costs us dearly as a business but we feel it’s the right thing to do.


For our newsletters, all we ask is your email address – not name, location or anything else.  The only thing we need to deliver Office Watch, Office for Mere Mortals or Access Watch is the email address, so that’s what we save.


Ebook readers are treated with similar discretion.  All we save for book customers is their name, email address, password, book and date purchased.  Nothing else, especially not credit card details.

All the payment information is entered directly onto the Paypal web site who tell us if the payment is successful, not the details of how payment was made.  We can’t leak or sell your credit card information because we never see it.

Various business advisers have told us we’re mad.  They can’t understand why doesn’t scoop up as much information as possible about our readers and sell it.  Lucrative offers to buy/rent our email mailing list are refused, point blank.

We strongly feel that’s the right thing to do

Customer privacy has been important to us long before it was a ‘thing’ and we’ve had a privacy policy for as long as we can remember. Back in 1996 we started Office Watch with a secure mailing system and that’s continued over the last 21 years.

Book sales are vital

That’s why we sell our ebooks and advertise them in the email newsletters.  Our refusal to sell customer data costs us money and the ebooks are one of the few income streams available to keep Office Watch going.

We’re delighted that books like Windows 10 for Microsoft Office users and Office 2016 the real startup guide are so popular with our readers because they also help keep Office Watch going, hopefully to our 30th anniversary and beyond.

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