Times Newer Roman puts less text on more pages

Ever wanted to stretch out your essay or report so it fit on more pages?  Times Newer Roman is a font that will help you do just that.

Any student knows the standard tricks for making an essay seem longer.  Adjust the margins, stretch the Font | Advanced | Spacing, slightly larger line spacing, bigger gap between paragraphs, even two spaces between sentences helps a little.

But teachers know all those tricks as well so you need something more subtle.

Enter Times Newer Roman, a font that looks like Times New Roman (available on both Windows and Mac) but is 5-10% wider.

Even in this single line example, you can see that Times Newer Roman (the second, darker line) uses more space along the line.

Here’s a full page side-by-side comparison.

Source:  TimesNewerRoman.com

Times Newer Roman is based on Nimbus Roman No.9 which is a open source version of Times New Roman from the URW type foundry.

Download Times Newer Roman from https://timesnewerroman.com/ released under the GBU Public Licence.  It’s available as an OpenType font compatible with modern Windows and Mac OS.

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