Brand logo font with color, at least in theory

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A fun new font using famous logos for letters also demonstrates where Windows 10 color font features are ahead of Word 2016.

Brand New Roman is a fun mashup font made up of famous logos.

It looks best in color so it’s handy that Windows 10 supports color fonts.

Try out Brand New Roman at . It was made by Hello Velocity.

Click the Download button on their web site to have the font (Color / Black and White) emailed to you..

Color fonts in Word

Brand New Roman works best as a color font but Word 2016 for Windows / Mac doesn’t support color fonts.

For Word, install the Black and White version of the font for a better rendering of each letter/logo.  Here’s both versions of Brand New Roman as they appear in Word 2016.

Most letters look the same in both fonts but check the H O R and X that are noticeably different or even unreadable in the color version.

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